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a safe place to regroup, learn and grow
Margalit Eren-Rabinovich, Psychotherapist in Newton, Massachusetts
Specializing in:

Speaks English and Hebrew

Offers therapy via Zoom and telephone 

"I am fascinated by the workings of the mind, the joy and challenges of emotions, and the power of relationships.
I am an agent of change and a source of support for people striving to live with joy to their fullest potential."
Client Testimonials
"… I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with
Margalit. She helped me change my life: I am happily married, and my
demanding and competitive scientific career is moving forward.."
Frequently  Asked Questions and My Comments To Them
Violet Box
Career Dilemma

I have been working at my profession for over ten years. I used to love it and to enjoy my work. But lately I find myself dreading going to work. I feel stuck. I need to work to support my family, but I can’t see myself going on like this.

Fuschia Box
Behavior Problems

My six year old son recently started first grade. The family was excited about this new stage in his and our lives. To our surprise, our bright and loveable kid has not been happy at school, and his teacher reports that he is having behavioral problems and struggling to learn. What should we do?

Cyan Box
Growing into Adulthood

I am worried about my daughter. She has been sad lately, staying alone in her room most of the time. Until this year, when she entered middle school, she was a happy and popular kid. She gets upset when I try to talk with her about it.

Army Green Box

My family has relocated to a new country for work. We were all very excited about this opportunity and in the first few months enjoyed the change a lot. Lately, our three children are not doing well. They don’t like school, they are socially inactive, and the middle child has started to have sleep problems. They need us and depend on us like they have not before. This stresses me and my husband and we argue a lot.

Lavander Box
Marriage Problems

I am worried about my husband and our marriage.  Lately we are unable to talk at all. Everything becomes an argument that ends with each of us retreated to our corners. My husband gets upset when I ask him what is happening to him. Before, we used to talk a lot and share our thoughts and concerns. I am worried that something is wrong with him or he is hiding something from me.

Blue Box

I have a comfortable and happy life with my wife and our two beautiful children. Yet lately I feel down most of the time and I worry about all the things that can go wrong. My mood is having an effect on my wife, who doesn’t understand me and sometimes gets mad. We are arguing more, and that worries me too.

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53 Langley Road, Suite 340, Newton Center, MA 02459

Phone: 617 332-6010

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