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Speaks English And Hebrew

Looking for a Counselor that Speaks English and Hebrew?

Margalit Eren-Rabinovich specializes in cultural sensitive therapy and family counseling. She received her license in Massachusetts and currently works there. Margalit started in her homeland of Israel and grew up at Kibbutz Gat. She performed her couple and family therapist services for 18 years until she moved to the US. Her cultural sensitive therapy and family counseling private practice is located in Newton, Massachusetts, and has been since 1990. Since she is certified in both Israel and US cultures, she can work with families and intercultural couples. Some of the most significant strains of the relationships within an intercultural couple or family are the traveling to visit family members left behind. The other strain is if one person in the relationship has to uproot their lives to make the relationship work. Margalit understands these issues firsthand through her own experiences and can help with any intercultural couple or family problems that may arise.

A counselor who speaks English and Hebrew is perfect for those couples and family members who are intercultural or have always been together but come from Israel. Being able to see a therapist who speaks English and Hebrew is a valuable source when it comes to communication. Being able to use both languages gives the upper hand over other counseling sessions. Even though some Israelis know how to speak English, it always leaves a welcoming sense to those who speak their native tongue. When they see their counselor is bilingual, they feel more comfortable and open up to their problems. There is no country, no family, and no couple that is spared from problems. It should always be a goal to humble ourselves and realize when we need help from an outside source. When issues arise and get thrown on the back burners, they can start to boil over after a time. No one is spared from this and should seek out help as needed.

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