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Family and Individual Relocation Services

Relocation due to work or immigration is one of the most stressful changes that can seriously affect our relationships and emotional lives.

In recent times, the phenomenon of people moving around the globe to seek a better life has become one of the normal changes that many expect to experience. Some people are naturally better at adjusting to new cultures, languages and places. These people usually will go through the process without noted difficulties and may even enjoy the transition. But if just one member of a relocating family has difficulties with the relocation, the entire family can be destabilized and can suffer emotionally.


As a daughter of immigrants and as an immigrant myself, I experienced first-hand the unforeseen challenges, opportunities and ramifications of relocation on families and children. My personal experience compelled me to study the issue.  With my family systems’ expertise, I have been able to develop a unique perspective on the impact of relocation on families and children



  • Pre-relocation consultation.

  • Relocation consultation and therapy.

  • Corporate consulting on retention of relocated employees.


There are three stages to my work with individuals and families:

  1. Pre-relocation consultation: This is a brief consultation of a few meetings, and can be done in person or on the phone or Skype. The goal is to help process the decision to relocate, assess the challenges for each individual in the family and the family as a whole, and help prepare for the move. During this consultation I also provide general information and advice about possible connections and resources in the new community.

  2. Assisting during the process of adjustment to the relocation. This also can be done in person or by phone or Skype, and usually lasts between three and ten meetings. The goal is to address issues that have already surfaced in order to ensure a smoother and more successful adjustment. During this stage, the most common issues are often related to children’s difficulties in school or with friends, adult depression, family or couple conflicts, and work-related issues. These are usually normal and expected difficulties which, with appropriate help, can be addressed and eliminated.

  3. Assisting with ongoing issues caused or accentuated by relocation. Here I use my general psychotherapy experience in concert with my relocation expertise. Some individuals and families are more vulnerable to changes and experience difficulties that last beyond the expected adjustment period of three-months to one year. The work here is focused on developing a treatment plan that will ensure eventual, successful adjustment to relocation. I will either assist with the appropriate referral for ongoing therapy or school-related help, or will see members of the family in my private practice.

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