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Client Testimonials

… Margalit and I first met when I had very young children. She helped me cope. I saw Margalit again during a crisis in my marriage. She helped me get through it. A subsequent crisis, and she got me through that one as well.

… She supported me at times when I most needed it. She provided me with a safe place to be. She helped me come to the realization that I no longer need the defense mechanism I created as a child in order to survive. I am a much happier, healthier person today because of my time spent with Margalit.

… Margalit helped me deal with issues I have been dragging for years. It was not always easy, but Margalit knows when to challenge, and when to support. Her keen observation of the underlying issues, and emotions, in addition to her terrific humor, her flexibility, and her willingness to admit mistakes, are all part of her talent.

… Working with Margalit was an amazing experience; we felt heard and have learned a lot. She helped us with our son’s behavior. It is like night and day from last year. He is a happy and confident little boy now, and so are we as parents.

…Margalit helped us grow as a family and as individuals. We thank her for everything she has done for us.

...Thank you Margalit for your care over the past 5 years. I learn how to trust by trusting you. I will be forever grateful.

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